Charles Ruckel, DC

Charles Ruckel, DC

Whole Food Mentor

Dr. Charles Ruckel DC is a chiropractor practicing out of Fort Wayne, Indiana for the last 32 years. He utilizes chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and herbology in his holistic practice.

Charles was exposed to Standard Process Labs at age 16 as a holistic dentist living next to him was utilizing the product line. He has been to numerous seminars through the years and read almost all of the Royal Lee materials available. In his practice he has a strong knowledge and foundation of the product lines of Standard Process and MediHerb combined with muscle reflex testing, facial and tongue diagnosis, acupuncture concepts, iridology and symptom survey understanding.

He has been to the Standard Process farms and factories 5 times to see the growing and processing of the whole food products up close. He looks forward to helping you grow and develop your nutrition based practice.

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