Whole Food Mentor: About

Led by your Standard Process Representative, Seth Kaelin, and his Clinical Wellness Solutions Team. The mission is to educate the population to advance quality of life through Natural HEALTHcare Solutions. Our intention is to help educate you and your staff on all the protocols, tools and resources available to maximize your patient results and expand your practice. Communicate your intentions to us so we may better tailor the recommended systems and programs that best fit your individual needs.

Authentic Commitment

Love for people, love for health, fulfilling a purpose of Paying it Forward. We strive to be an open transparent book to help each other be accountable for our commitments of service to you and our society.

Intentionally Resourceful

Every client is in a different stage of their lives and practices. Its our job to ensure we provide all the resources, education, and solutions that are specific to where each individual is on their journey.

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Our Services

  • Case Study Support
  • Personal Health Consultations
  • Protocol development
  • Business Consulting
  • Group Patient Presentations
  • Doctor’s Training
  • Staff Training
  • Topical Study Groups
  • Comprehensive Seminars
  • Marketing Development & Support
  • Nutrition Exam Training
  • Heart Sound Recorder Analysis
  • Mentor Facilitation
  • Trusted Resource & References
  • Patient PPT’s & Patient Education
  • Lab analysis discounts & Special Offers